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I have thought about going to a live event, but your post has helped put that thought to rest.

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I did some research a few years ago - seeing videos of his seminars and I knew the events would not be tailored to me as an introvert, but I thought stretching my comfort zone and going to an event might be a good thing if it can help me continue to grow as a person. I get the impression that being an introvert is "bad" to a lot of self-help gurus and that success is dependent primarily on extroversion which is not true. I also got a taste of this heavily extroverted focus with a free coaching session with one of Tony's coaches where he asked me to be more energetic and "yell it out loud like you really believe it!

I did this several times and it felt very insincere. I let him know that believing something does not require yelling it out loud. He was dismissive of my statement. It was like he was reading a script. I believed there was no depth in the session whatsoever, so I decided to not sign up for the paid coaching program. It was the right choice. Towards the end of the coaching session, when he again asked me to say it like I mean it - I refused to yell and scream - and he said that I wasn't really serious about my goals and became slightly sarcastic attempting to put me on the defence and attempting to close a sale.

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  8. I reminded him of the fact that I have a track record of overcoming obstacles and landing on my feet, but this didn't seem to matter to him because I didn't scream loud enough. I appreciate this. I have never been to a TR seminar. But to me there is one big thing that keeps me away. To me big changes happen often through subtlety.

    Not big Sturm and Drang. Not much subtlety to Robbins. One of my own big life lessons as someone who is hard on herself too much of the time, is that being gentle with oneself is one of the most important and powerful things you can do when you are trying to grow or change. Tony just pushes me away. Also he seems to be straining his voice all of the time.

    1500+ Best Company Vision and Mission Statements [by Industry]

    That is not a great thing It is a sign that he is trying to hype up to cover some stuff. Stuff like vulnerability.

    In I bought one of Tony's products - a series of cassettes and specific instructions on how to achieve your goals. I got the girl I wanted, made a fortune on the internet bubble and then went to medical school. I definitely did the work, but Tony got me started. I get the quote and I think it is for someone that is still maybe searching for their true passion! Here may be a better one that may resonate with others that feel that they have connected with "god" "universe" "spirit" or any other man made name you choose to call it.

    If quitting is even an option You must get closer to god Because each and every day you focus on your True passion you feel ALIVE and you have endless energy, confidence and love pouring in from all around you!!! Don't believe me I'm cool with that If you haven't seriously cried out to god with real tears in gratitude All words expressed here to you Tony is BS. He is like an age old Medicine Man. He has no graduate studies in psychology. I doubt he ever read the classics or classic therapists. He prays on the weak and desperate.

    I forgive them bc where else can they get the comfort of feeling they are not alone? But come on Tony, I would never pay to see you. This man's article is on the right track. If you've 'got what it take', just do it!!!! Who voted you prophet, guru or what ever????? I asked if there was anyway I could earn a schorship. Hi there, thanks for your point of view, I discovered the guy last year ok I don't live on the moon but in France where we are not into those kind of stuff so I'm still perplex with his way of dealing with people.

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    The guy seems genuine but there's that kind of weird guru athmosphere surrounding him and his crew though. About Tony's weirdest clap you've ever seen, I might have a logical answer to that, yet if the guy were to clap normaly with all of his mics on, it would produce such a horrible sound to his audience that he has to clap that way Hi - I too had a similar experience of UPW in London last year, in spite of being a massive advocate of Tony's coaching techniques - and I fully resonate with the idea of empowerment.


    The thing that rankled me the most is that I went to experience Tony - what I experienced most of was some bald guy looking like he was angrily chewing a wasp trying to sell a USD course to us about how to be a kick-ass sales guy. It was highly disturbing However, the disappointment I felt actually empowered me to go and make the differences in my life that I needed to make but to make it myself, rather than 'depend' on someone else to do it for me I also made two friends for life following this event and it actually catalysed the break-up of a relationship that seemed to be heading nowhere.

    It's not all doom and gloom - she and I are in better places I digress. As for firewalking, meh Didn't change my life. Feeling empowered to change my own life changed my life By the way, I found this piece as a result of reading your experiences on aya. Thanks for what you're doing. Inspirational reading. I hope he answers your question "did they give you a refund in the end?! It is too visible that you are pushing your products and your business using his popularity.

    Good job, top on Google. I also can see that you finally got the idea that you still have to work yourself on your things. Robbins teaches it very clearly. So, you got it. God job. But what you did not understand is respect. And gratitude. I love how other people that are searching for motivation, love, respect among the many topics Tony talks about and then 3 days after the seminar comment on how others are wrong and they are right. Elena Your Opinion is just that.

    Will the future of work be ethical? – TechCrunch

    Right in your own mind, but, ask yourself this question, "Why did I post that commentary? If Tony Changed your life completely, then I would say you were adrift in some outer world somewhere "probably your own mind" and someone actually anchored your feet firmly on Terra Earth.

    That is the beginning of your journey. Each of us must walk it, and work out our own "Destiny". Stay Positive and Focused, you will go places that may astound you. Tony changed my life totally.

    Passive Income

    I only went to 3 seminars over 2 years 16 years ago and every day I get better from what I implemented from his program. Today I own multiple successful businesses, have an amazing loving and respectful relationship with my Wife and Family, enjoy much better health and fitness than I did prior to Tony and have had the pleasure of sharing what I have learned with many and created other millionaires are purpose driven lives.

    This is a tremendous testimony! We all crave love, and acceptance. We have a longing in our being that can only be fulfilled by our creator for these specific needs.