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Filistei pl prop name : the Philistines forms : Filistea gen pl. Finnaland neut noun : the land of the Finns or Sami peoples. Fison prop noun : the river Phison see Genesis in Vulgate. Gadd prop name : Gadd forms : Gaddes gen sing. Gardene masc pl noun : the spear- Danes forms : Gardena gen pl ; Gardenum dat pl.

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God forms : gastcyninge dat sing. Geon prop noun : Gehon see Genesis in Vulgate. Godmundingaham prop name : Goodmanham, Yorkshire lit. Gomorra prop name : Gomorra forms : Gomorran acc sing.

The Dialect of the Southern Counties of Scotland

Gomorre masc pl noun : inhabitants of Gomorra forms : Gomorra gen. Gorgoneus prop name : Gorgoneus, name of a country in Wonders of the East.

Gota prop name : Goth i. Grantebrycg prop name : Cambridge forms : Grantebrycge dat.

Dictionary of Abbreviations in Medical Sciences

Grecisc adj : Greek as noun: the Greek language forms : Greciscre dat sing fem. Grendel prop name : Grendel forms : Grendle dat sing ; Grendles gen sing. Grimbold prop name : Grimbold forms : Grimbolde dat sing. Hamtunscir prop name : Hampshire forms : Hamtunscire dat. Healfdene, Halfdene prop name : Healfdene forms : Healfdenes gen. Hebeleac prop noun : Hevilath see Genesis in Vulgate. Helmingas prop name : Helmings the Scandanavian tribe or family to which Wealhtheow belongs forms : Helminga gen pl. Heodeningas prop name : the Heodenings, a Germanic tribe forms : Heodeninga gen pl.

Heorrenda prop name : Heorrenda, the rival scop in the poem Deor. Heremod prop name : Heremod forms : Heremodes gen. If the first element is the noun "hearg", it means a pagan temple or sacred grove or an altar or idol; the second element means a place of residence. Hierdeboc fem noun : shepherd's book, pastoral book. Holofernus prop name : Holofernes forms : Holofernes, Holofernus gen sing. Hostes proper name : Hostes "enemies" , name of a people in the Wonders of the East forms :.

Hreopadun prop name : Repton, Derbyshire forms : Hreopadune, Hreopedune dat sing. Iabal prop name : Iabal apparently a confusion of Jabel and Jubal. Iared, Geared prop name : Jared Irad forms : Iarede dat sing. Ingwine pl prop name : Danes "friends of Ing" forms : Ingwina gen sing. Iordan prop name : Jordan forms : Iordane dat sing. Isaac prop name : Isaac forms : Isace dat sing. Israelas masc noun : Israelites forms : Israhela gen pl ; Israhelas nom pl.

Lertices pl proper noun : Lertices, the name of a wild animal in Wonders of the East forms :. Liconia in Gallia proper name : Liconia, a land in the Wonders of the East. Lindesig, Lindesse prop name : Lindsey, Lincolnshire forms : Lindesige dat sing.

Locotheo prop name : Locotheo, name of a district in Wonders of the East. Loth prop name : Loth Lot forms : Lothe dat ; Lothes gen. Lundenburg prop name : the city of London forms : Lundenbyrig dat. Malalehel prop name : Malalehel Mauiael, Mehujael. Book'-keep-ing, s. Bo'som, 5. Bowl, 5. BoW, r. Box, V. Brawn'y, a.

Essential Scottish Gaelic Dictionary | Grammatical Gender | Noun

BRE Break'er, s. Brisk, a. Broil, V. Brist'ly, adv. Bru'tal-ize, v, a. Brush'wood, s. Buck'le, V. Bum'ble-bee, s. Bump, s. Burn'a-ble, a. Bur-lesque', v. Bush, s. Bush, v. But'ter, V. But'ter-fly, s. By, adv.

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Calk'ing, s. Can'dy, v. Can, V. Cap-size', v. Cap'il-la-ry, a. Cap'su-late, '. Ca-thol'i-cism, Cat-e-chet'ic-al, a. Ca'vate, V. Ca-va'tion, a. Cau-ter-i-za'tion, s. Cau'ter-ize, v.

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Cen'tral-iy, adv. Cen'tre, 5. Cent'age, s. Cer-tif i-cate, v. Chalk, Chalk, s. Cheap'en-er, s. Cheap'ly, dr. Cheer'less, a. Chem'ic-al-ly, adv. Quisssrjisijj laSlojiT. Chi-cane', Chi-can'er-y, Chi-can'er, s. Chick'en-pox, s. Chick'ling, s. Chord, s. Chooser, s. Chro-mat'ics, s. Cic'a-tric-le, s. CTr'clet, 5.

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Ci'on, s,.