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  1. ITALIAN STUDIES in: The Year's Work in Modern Language Studies Volume 67 Issue 1 ()
  2. EUR-Lex - C/E/01 - EN - EUR-Lex

ITALIAN STUDIES in: The Year's Work in Modern Language Studies Volume 67 Issue 1 ()

The Commission is also aware of inspectors' criticism. The Commission is currently discussing with the Spanish authorities this report and possible follow-up. Die Kommissionsverordnung EU Nr. The imposition of these duties will raise the prices for these products considerably, placing an additional burden on European consumers already hard-pressed by the ongoing eurozone recession.

A majority of the Member States on the Anti-Dumping Committee voted democratically against the imposition of these provisional anti-dumping measures. Can the Commission explain why it took the unusual step of disregarding this vote? Can the Commission comment on this blatant information discrepancy?

In the tableware case, the investigation showed dumping by Chinese manufacturers caused damage to EU industry. These measures are not against EU interests. The fact that a majority of Member States, upon consultation, opposed the Commission proposal to impose provisional measures does not undermine the fact that the case was technically solid. No parties directly representing the interests of consumers claimed that they would be affected by the anti-dumping measures.

Measures are intended to create a level playing field for all economic operators concerned and restore fair competition. There are no indications that measures will lead to anti-competitive practices by EU manufacturers.

RIKI - Perdo le parole (Lyric Video)

The investigation revealed that the five sampled importers employed people in the importation and resale of ceramic table and kitchenware products. This figure does not include people employed for the production of goods that were not part of the investigation or for other activities, like retailing.

What information is missing? If it is another party, what organisation is the Commission referring to? When does the Commission intend to publish a final report on competition in the Irish bus market, given that the date given for publication has now passed? Can the Commission state whether or not it is aware of the looming deadline in Ireland, when the National Transport Authority will issue a new five-year contract to a bus operator? Is the Commission aware that if it does not act promptly, the five-year contract to provide state subsidised transport in towns and cities such as Athlone, Galway, Sligo, Letterkenny and Limerick during the period could be awarded to Bus Eireann, and that this would not have to be put out to tender?

The information most recently provided is being analysed to decide on the next steps.

EUR-Lex - C/E/01 - EN - EUR-Lex

A final decision is expected in the first half of However, direct awards are also possible under certain circumstances, notably where the average annual value of the public service contracts is estimated to be below certain thresholds or in the event of disruption of services or the immediate risk of such a situation, where the competent authority may take an emergency measure. A local competent authority may also directly award the contract to an internal operator under certain conditions.

Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, presidente della sottocommissione, ha presentato la risoluzione n. Si ritiene che la risoluzione n. Nel novembre l'Unione europea ha convenuto di stanziare a favore dell'Egitto un pacchetto di aiuti da 5 miliardi di euro. Quali misure sono state adottate al fine di garantire che tali aiuti siano stati impiegati in maniera efficace?

Quali azioni sono state inoltre intraprese per indirizzare gli aiuti a favore dellapromozione della democrazia, del rafforzamento dei diritti delle donne edell'incoraggiamento del dialogo tra diversi gruppi religiosi ed etnici? I fondi sono soggetti a diversi tipi di condizioni. I programmi di cooperazione dell'UE possono essere sospesi se il paese beneficiario contravviene agli obblighi in materia di rispetto dei diritti umani, lede i principi democratici e lo Stato di diritto e qualora si verifichino gravi casi di corruzione.

Per costruire la democrazia occorrono duro lavoro, impegno e pazienza, a livello sia nazionale che internazionale. Nonostante tutto, si sono registrati sviluppi fondamentali, quali elezioni trasparenti e credibili, il passaggio alla governance civile, la formazione di partiti politici e l'istituzione di un'opposizione politica. L'Europa, in quanto paese vicino e partner, deve impegnarsi a sostenere la transizione dell'Egitto, sottolineando al tempo stesso l'importanza dello Stato di diritto e del rispetto dei diritti umani riconosciuti a livello internazionale.

De EU volgt de ontwikkelingen in Egypte en maakt zich zorgen om de diepe politieke polarisatie tussen de overheid en de oppositie die gepaard gaat met een verslechterende economische situatie. De EU onderhoudt contacten met alle politieke hoofdrolspelers en dringt daarbij aan op verzoening. Aan deze financiering zijn verschillende soorten voorwaarden verbonden. Alle EU-samenwerkingprogramma's kunnen worden opgeschort als het begunstigde land zijn verplichtingen inzake eerbiediging van de mensenrechten, de democratische beginselen en de rechtsstaat, niet nakomt en bij ernstige corruptie.

Zij onderhoudt nauw contact en voert dialoog met de regering, de oppositie, vertegenwoordigers van de civiele samenleving en andere belangrijke actoren. De opbouw van democratie vergt veel werk, inzet en geduld, zowel van het land in kwestie als van de internationale gemeenschap. Sinds de opstand is de weg naar democratie van Egypte zwaar en complex geweest. Toch is er reeds een belangrijke vooruitgang geboekt, zoals transparante en geloofwaardige verkiezingen, de overgang naar burgerlijk bestuur, de vorming van politieke partijen van een politieke oppositie.

Als buur en partner is het de taak van Europa om de overgang in Egypte te ondersteunen en tegelijkertijd het belang van de rechtsstaat en van de naleving van internationaal overeengekomen mensenrechtenprincipes te benadrukken. If not, why not? Does it agree with the PVV that this is money thrown away in advance because — for as long as Islam plays a dominant role there — Egypt will never be able to develop into a liberal democracy, with associated principles such as freedom of expression and human rights?

Does the Commission agree with the PVV that the developments in Egypt do not deserve support or money but rather scathing words of disapproval? The Chairwoman of the Subcommittee, Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, introduced House Resolution , a bill which would limit military and economic aid to Egypt if certain standards are not met by the government of President Mohammed Morsi.

This would entail that aid would only be given if it is in line with US national security interests inside Egypt and supports the promotion of democracy. What steps have been taken to ensure that the aid was used effectively? The EU is following the developments in Egypt and is worried by a deep political polarisation between the government and the opposition coupled with a deteriorating economic situation. The EU is in touch with all political protagonists insisting on the need for conciliation. Different kinds of conditionalities are attached to these funds. EU cooperation programmes can be suspended if the beneficiary country breaches an obligation relating to the respect for human rights, democratic principles and the rule of law and in serious cases of corruption.

The EU is monitoring the situation on the ground in close contact and dialogue with the government, opposition, civil society representatives and other key stakeholders.

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Democracy building requires hard work, commitment and patience, domestically and internationally. Gibraltar remains outside the customs union, and therefore alcohol and tobacco may be available at lower cost than in Spain. On some days every vehicle will be checked and inspected for contraband, and such an approach can lead to severe delays at the border — sometimes of up to six hours.

Is the Commission satisfied that the Spanish authorities have the appropriate customs provision in place for citizens travelling between:. With VAT and duty being lower in Andorra as well as Melilla and Ceuta, these territories represent a threat to customs revenue similar to that posed by those entering Spain from Gibraltar. In light of this, does the Commission consider that a consistent, fair and non-discriminatory approach would see similar thorough checks also being required at the frontiers with Andorra as well as with Melilla and Ceuta?

This agreement ensures that some Andorra goods enter in the entire Union free of customs duty, or benefit from preferential rates. Melilla and Ceuta have certain preferential arrangements with the Union as a whole, as well as additional preference arrangements with peninsular Spain whereby goods of Ceuta or Melilla origin qualify for exemption from duty. In addition, under Spanish law, these territories have been designated as exempted areas for custom purposes. As the rules in force in respect of the above three territories are different, different customs checks may appear necessary to ensure the correct application of the relevant legislation.

In het kader van het in aangenomen beleid inzake energiekredietverstrekking van de EIB zijn de inspanningen op concurrerende, duurzame en zekere energie gericht. De EIB beoordeelt broeikasgasemissies en betrekt de koolstofkosten bij projectbeoordelingen. Koolstofintensieve projecten kunnen worden afgewezen.

Het cijfer van Bankwatch omvatte ook gasnetinfrastructuren, inclusief TEN-E, en financiering van raffinaderijen. In de zomer van , na een publieke raadpleging, zal de EIB haar beleid inzake kredietverstrekking voor energie naar verwachting toetsen. EIB's energy lending policy adopted in focuses on competitive, sustainable and secure energy.


The EIB assesses greenhouse gas emissions and integrates carbon cost into project appraisals. Carbon-intensive projects can be screened out. The Bankwatch figure included also gas grids infrastructure, including TEN-E, and refinery financing. In summer , following a public consultation, the EIB is expected to review its energy lending policy. With regard to intellectual property IP , the FTA should provide operators with legal certainty and allow effective action against infringement. If so, what percentage of the rulings on these legal cases have found in favour of EU businesses?

This role complements the necessary actions the private entities may have to undertake in the legal systems in place in Europe or in Korea to enforce their rights. In addition, periodical public IP surveys carried out by the Commission provide useful information about the state of IP protection and enforcement in third countries, including Korea. The Commission currently does not have precise statistics concerning legal actions undertaken by EU IP-holders in the Korean legal system since the implementation of the FTA. The Korean authorities undertook to check whether such data existed.

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  4. How is compliance with the requirement to provide constant access to water for pigs during long-distance transport verified in practice in the Member States? Is the Commission of the opinion that verification of constant access to water during long-distance transport of pigs is achievable on a measurable basis, given that this would require every instance of transport to be accompanied by an inspector?

    A las sociedades mercantiles francesas, alemanas, etc. Non-Spanish nationals and companies wishing to undertake legal acts or business in Spain, such as buying a property, processing an inheritance, constituting a subsidiary or executing a foreign judgment, find that the Spanish State does not allow them to do so immediately. This situation arises from the fact that Spain does not recognise, for ordinary activities, identification numbers issued in States of origin, even if they are Member States. If a third party in Spain is to handle the process, the granting of a special empowerment, made before notary, with apostille and certified translation, or empowerment via a consulate, is required.

    Contributions to the History of European Intellectual Culture

    Spanish notaries refuse issuance of public deeds if any of the persons appearing are non-Spanish without an NIE issued by the Spanish authorities, even if they are citizens of an EU Member State and are in possession of their own corresponding national identity or passport. Non-Spanish citizens and companies wishing to undertake legal acts or business in Spain, such as buying a property, processing an inheritance, constituting a subsidiary or executing a foreign judgment, find that the Spanish State does not allow them to do so immediately.

    The same occurs when a company wishes to establish a subsidiary in Spain: it cannot do so without a NIF. Apart from the expense and inconvenience, all of the above prevents stakeholders from performing ordinary civil and commercial activities with immediacy and normality in Spain for weeks and months. This violates the right of freedom of movement and is contrary to the principle of non-discrimination, since Spanish legal and natural persons may act without hindrance, while citizens and companies of the European Union cannot act in Spain without identification numbers issued exclusively by the Spanish authorities.

    According to the information at the disposal of the Commission, the obligation to hold a NIF tax indentification number falls on all citizens, Spanish or foreign alike, who are a party to transactions entailing tax consequences in Spain. The NIF rules, modified in imply, in light of that information, that:. Die angesprochenen Fragen wurden bereits bei den Sitzungen des Haushaltskontrollausschusses des EP vom April sowie vom When and how does the Commission plan to inform Parliament about the potential problems and irregularities discovered? In these documents, the SC highlights a number of recent positive developments as regards the investigative activities of OLAF and a number of issues which it considers require further actions by OLAF management.