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She is in long leg casts right now. The post-op plan will be to have her come back in 3 weeks to remove the casts and check her wounds. We will probably apply casts again for an additional 3 weeks, then that should be it. She will then need to use the night shoes until she is atleast 4 years old. The biggest concern for kids with syndromic clubfeet is recurrence, which we will have to watch closely for. We may consider using plastic braces AFO's to maintain the good position. Thanks again for all your support and especially for the prayers. Will keep in touch - Dan. October Dear friends and family, I hope all is well with you all.

Just a note to let you know that we have had some medical needs in our Sabaneta neighborhood and could certainly use some financial help at this time. Any help you might send our way would be hugely appreciated.

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On July 5th we began construction of a small sq. Their presence in Sabaneta was a huge blessing for everyone they met. At the end of July, we closed the deal on the purchase of the property adjoining our present location. This property sq. Hopefully, we will be able to establish some income-producing activities on this property to create an economy for some of the residents in our neighborhood.

Please help us to pray for the wisdom to know how to best use this property to honor Our Heavenly Father. We have improved the fence around the property and now have it planted in a 4 month crop of corn and plantains. In Aug. We provided tuition for 27 students, ranging from pre-school to medical school. We also helped 67 kids with the expenses for their school uniforms and supplies. We have become more deeply involved with several families who in past years have had to choose, for financial reasons, which of their kids could attend school and which would sit out for a year.

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This year we were able to intervene in these situations and make sure that all the kids in several families got enrolled in school. It is a difficult neighborhood and full of heartbreaking situations. We do what we can with what resources we have and give thanks to Our Heavenly Father for those of you who have opened your hearts and joined us in our efforts.

May God bless you abundantly as you have blessed so many with your generous gifts. June 25, Dear family and friends, I hope and pray all is well with you all. Thank you again for all you have have done to finance our work in the DR; I deeply appreciate your help over the past many years.

In addition to this, we also purchased uniforms or needed pieces of uniforms for another 45 students. I will be in Sabaneta July 5 until August 29 doing all I possibly can to get as many kids as possible in school for another year. It would be greatly appreciated if you could help us out with this very urgent and worthwhile part of our work in Sabaneta.

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May God bless you as you have blessed so many. You may or may not know that Sandy Davis and her family have been providing funds to get Patrice in school for the first time ever and keep him there. The Director of the neighborhood school where Patrice attends, Carmen Martinez, is a saint Your email is such wonderful news. Please tell Patrice that we're al so proud of his advancement which is the result of his hard work and diligence.

He should be very proud.

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Does he know that our 4 children, their spouses and our 7 grandchildren pray for him daily. Thank you, brother, for the uplifting news. God is Good! May God bless you as you have blessed so many; you are changing the world!!! Dios te bendiga. February 06, To one and all dear friends, Due to the encouragement of several friends of our efforts in Sabaneta, I have had several conversations with Raul Ruiz Garcia, the owner of a property that joins our current lots. In order to do anything, obviously we have to have a place to do it. The property that adjoins our present lots is sq.

If we are going to move forward and develop anything new, we will need to pursue this or another tract somewhere else; due to its size and location, this would be the perfect site. Please let me know if you are interested in pursuing this. I believe it would a great addition to our work in Sabaneta; and it would provide us a large enough space to do many, many great and important things for many years to come. I do plan on having her tested again as soon as I get to Sabaneta. May God bless each of you.

Please keep my friend Odette Thomas in your prayers as she goes through the difficult time of dialysis.

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Thanks to all of you who have blessed us in so very many ways. She has begun twice-weekly dialysis and is in need of a kidney transplant as soon as possible; her blood type is A positive. Odette has been told that she needs to begin dialysis within the next two weeks; she has had hepatitis C and several other medical problems for the past few years. Obviously, she is very upset over this turn of events and my heart is broken with hers. There are many costs involved with this treatment and I would like to begin some sort of fund to channel some financial aid to her.

PLEASE share this with your friends and church families and let me know if you can think of any way to help Odette as she goes through this very difficult time. May God bless you always. What a blessing that she was able to carry her baby to full term and have a quick, uncomplicated delivery on her way to the hospital! Thank you all so very much for your caring hearts and generous help for this young lady.

The church dedication on March 27 was an absolutely wonderful event. Pastor Sammuel Exanor organized the service with great music and an excellent sermon by Rev. David Shaller. Thanks to Philiene Kercivil and her crew from the soup kitchen and to the mission team from Faith Presbyterian Church of Horseshoe Bend, AR, lunch was served to more than hungry folks. Over the past several years we have been incredibly, amazingly blessed with sufficient resources to build our soup kitchen, our clinic, our church and our houses.

Our challenge now is to sustain the very solid infrastructure we have created by providing the essentials, most basically rice and beans, medicines, and scholarships. In a way, building the infrastructure for the continuing daily work of Journey Into Hope has been the easy part; the Third World is scattered with abandoned buildings, many of them very beautiful and expensive, built by well-meaning individuals, churches, non-profits, or civic-minded clubs and organizations. But once the initial excitement of the building process has come and gone, the real work of sustaining the vision begins.

A clinic without medicine and electricity changes quickly from a dream to a nightmare full of sickness and suffering. A soup kitchen without rice and beans and cooking gas is just another building surrounded by hungry kids looking for something to eat and finding nothing; hunger comes around about every six hours whether we cook or not.

Babies will be born to hungry and sick mothers whether we can help provide groceries and milk for them or not.

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In this neighborhood there is a very, very fragile line between survival and death. Lack of proper nutrition and lack of decent healthcare and medicines are two of the most blatant causes for this unusually brief lifespan. I believe it is our responsibility as human beings to do all we can to help our brothers and sisters increase the value of their lives; indeed, for those of us who dare to call ourselves Christians, we are commanded to do just that.

This effort by several members of the PA Presbyterian mission team is a most beautiful example of what can be accomplished when people decide to work together. Thanks to everyone who had a part in this excellent act of grace and kindness. I want to thank you all for your generous support of our efforts in Sabaneta during The construction and establishment of the "clinik chemen espwa" Journey Into Hope Clinic in the fall of is a work that is already blessing hundreds of people in the Sabaneta area.