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Could you mention about how long you have your mixer knead the dough for you? Alycia — how did these rolls turn out? I am just wondering if you can use warm milk, rather than warm water and dry milk powder. Is this normal concentration? Hopefully the rolls still turn out…we shall see. Thanks for the all the great recipes—I really love your blog. I recently got the Lion House Bakery book for my Bday from my parents. I looked up online about their famous rolls and they have a video how to on how to shape them! If anyone else has input, let me know! I love Lion House rolls! I was just wondering how big of a circle do you roll them into?

These rolls look scrumptious. Can I use instant dry milk? Leigh Anne — that sounds like me — I always eat too many of these when I make them. The old Lion House cookbook s are classics! I had several other pages tagged in the Lion House Christmas cookbook to make as well. Only one of them Holly Berry Slush was accomplished, and it was yummy! Amanda, I do the exact same thing with these rolls! Thanks for the tip to others. Hi, is it possible to substitute butter for the shortening in this recipe?

Will it ruin the consistency? I just never have shortening on hand.

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Mmmm… my favorite! I love making them into the orange rolls too.

Belle Makes Lion House Rolls

I hope you guys are doing well buried in all that snow! Let me know if it works for you if you try it.


Oh how I love rolls! These look amazing.

I just wanted to comment that I make these all the time. We love them, but my small family can only eat so many of them. I freeze the left overs. They freeze and reheat beautifully.

NEW Lion House Bakery COOKBOOK & DVD by Brenda Hopkin | eBay

I made these rolls tonight and my whole family was impressed! It was my first time making homemade roll by myself, and I was so impressed by how they turned out! I loved them! If you ever have questions on the directions in a recipe, feel free to email me or comment.

I try to add as much as I can to help — so thanks for letting me know it really does help! I usually find if my dough is on the soft side where you can easily push your finger into the dough and your finger may come out slightly tacky with dough then my rolls come out lighter. I hope that helps! Hi, I hope you had a wonderful christmas!

I love the look of these rolls, I think give them a try! Priscilla x. Tammy — thanks for noticing the error. Actually they DO need to rise again after you shape them into rolls. I have edited the recipe. Sorry for the mistake! Amy F. So the answer is yes, you can use butter and I actually prefer it with butter! I love rolls like these!

I have a go-to recipe for rolls that is lovely, but I must say you are making me want to try these. Wow, I love rolls. I need these. Guess what? I got a KitchenAid for Christmas!!! I cannot WAIT to make these rolls! Jenica — way to go on your first time making homemade rolls. Thanks for letting me know! What might have gone wrong? Do you use bread flour? Melanie,if I split up the dough and throw some in the fridge, will it still be OK to bake when I pull it out?

Well, I did throw one batch in the fridge and then baked it the next day…and it tasted very…yeasty. It was almost overpowering. So next time I make these and I will! I made these for Sunday dinner today and they were so yummy!

Lion House Rolls

I ate way too many!! I dug out my old Lion House cookbook after I saw this post — thanks for reminding me about it! Good luck with that sweet new baby!! I'm Mel, food is my love language, and my greatest desire in life is to share the best of the best recipes with YOU! I won't waste your time with filler recipes, but I will give you all my tried-and-true favorites! Instant Pot Spaghetti. Slow Cooker Pork Carnitas.