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Babinet C.

Méditation _ Comment éveiller le 3ème Oeil _ glande pinéale

Bard, L. Bondurand, N. Bonini N.

Carroll S. Pax6 induces ectopic eyes in a vertebrate. Development Oct; 19 The master control gene for morphogenesis and evolution of the eye, Genes Cells, Vol. Grindley J. Davidson and R.

ISBN 13: 9782090315523

Gruss P. Halder, G. Induction of ectopic eyes by targeted expression of the eyeless gene in Drosophila. Science , Hanson H. Hanson I. Fletcher, T. Jordan, A. Brown, D. Taylor, R.

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Adams, H. Punnett and V.

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Hill R. Favor, B. Hogan, C. Ton, G. Saunders, I.

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Hanson, J. Prosser, T. Jordan, N. Hastie and V. Jacob F.

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Jordan T. Hanson, D. Zaletayev, S. Hodgson, J. Prosser, A. Seawright, N. Lawrence P. Yang, R.

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Jacobson, D. Pasko and O. Sundin , Pax-6 is first expressed in a region of ectoderm anterior to the early neural plate: implications for stepwise determination of the lens, Dev. McGinnis W.

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Moore, K. Trends Genet. Planque N. Expression of the microphthalmia-associated b-HLH-Zip transcription factor Mi in avian neuroretina cells induces a pigmented phenotype. Cell Growth and Differentiation, 10 : Plaza S. Journal of Neurobiology, 41 Quiring R. Walidorf, U. Kloter and W. Gehring , Homology of the eyeless gene of Drosophila to the Small eye gene in mice and Aniridia in humans, Science, Vol. Tomarev S. Callaerts, L. Kos, R. Zinovieva, G.

Halder, W. Gehring and J. Piatigorsky , Squid Pax-6 and eve development, Proc. USA, Vol.

File:Troisième oeil, , bijou pour une oreille, Anne - Wikimedia Commons

Walther C. C'est le sondage des voies lacrymales. Embryon de sept semaines. London Hatton Press, Earl J. New YorkG. Wolpert M L. Human embryology Le ganglion ciliaire fait son apparition dans l'orbite. The commentary to this video includes a couple of excerpts narrated by Lartigue himself; for non-French speakers a transcript is provided here. Several of the still photographs shown in the film are stereos I spotted four including of course the photo of Gabriel Voisin making the first flight over French soil, and that of Bichonnade jumping down the steps. Instead, prints were taken from one half of the stereo pair, and even then often very heavily cropped.

The example below is extreme, but far from unique. Clearly the cropped image has more impact on the screen, where the poor resolution has little consequence, but viewed in a good stereoscope the stereo image has more depth, more interest, and a richer composition. In reading these photographs it's crucial to understand that Lartigue's main motivation was to capture the entirety of an event - he said repeatedly that he wanted to hold forever the image, the colour, the sound, the scent - everything that would enable him to relive the moment more fully.

The stereo image does this incomparably better than the flat one, which is infinitely less involving. Hidden Depths is the first and so far only publication to give a comprehensive overview of these wonderful photographs. His discovery in the USA began around , when Lartigue was already 69 years old, so only at what would be considered well past retirement age for most men did Lartigue become a professional photographer.

His exhibition at the MOMA and article in Life magazine that year were only the first of a flood of books, exhibitions, articles and films drawing on his photographic collection.