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That scar was his reminder never to trust a soul with anything that mattered to him. There were times when his thirst for freedom had been the only thing keeping him going. Lying there, his life bleeding out, the witch standing over him … his refusal to die a prisoner had often been the only thing strong enough to pull him back from the edge of death. And now he got to win.

Rock on.

Kiss at Your Own Risk (Soulfire #1)

Shoulder to shoulder to shoulder, in strict formation. Today was her lucky day.

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She was about to find out. The skull and crossbones mark burst into flames, and he opened himself to the pain. Bring it on. Not hot enough. Fury rose hard, and the flame turned blue-white. Then their assailant arrived.


The first of the schnoodles rounded the corner, teeth bared, ears pinned. Blaine tensed as it erupted into frantic yapping. It could have been the demons. It could have been the pit vipers. But no. Their odds of making it to freedom had just gone to hell. She raised her water and clinked it against the wineglass of her best friend, Reina Fleming. It felt a trifle premature to be celebrating breaking the black widow curse, but she was down with trying to stay positive.

It was all about having the faith. Trinity was wearing flip-flops and a black pencil skirt so narrow that she was reduced to a penguin waddle when wearing it. An outfit chosen specifically to make it difficult to sprint after unsuspecting prey if the curse decided to have its merry way with her morals, ethics, and basic human values. She was so not loving that feeling of spiraling out of control.

Stephanie Rowe - Soulfire 01 - Kiss at Your Own Risk.rtf

The black widow curse was decidedly ruthless in its drive to get her to fall in love and force her to send the guy gallivanting off to the Afterlife. Not the stuff teenage dreams are made of, for sure. Or the dreams of twenty-nine-year-old single gals either, actually. Her auburn hair was in an updo, and her eyes were dancing with the thrill of life, as they always were.

Her positive, uplifting spirit had buoyed Trinity so many times, and she treasured her friend. I can feel it. I can feel this darkness pulsing inside me. All the time. A twenty-something couple was just arriving. The woman was wearing a beautiful off-white dress, and the man flashed dimples at her as he pulled out her chair.

The gal beamed up at him as he guided her into the seat, his hand light on her back with the tenderest of touches. Apparently [her biker werewolf lover] was on the other side, naked, and she was trying to get some action. Death aka Prentiss , who is always scheming for more power, wants to increase the number of the dying.

He has the brilliant idea of adding love to the death experience so that people will actually look forward to dying.

Death's plan involves turning Jarvis's brother, Cameron, who is the Guardian of Love, into one of his reapers. Jarvis has not seen his brother for years — ever since he sacrificed himself to Angelica to save Cameron's life. Unfortunately, Cameron has grown up to be a self-centered, depressed, egotist who sits around whining that love is terrible because it causes so much pain. Cameron has convinced himself that he must die, so he delivers himself right into Death's hands. At this point in his life, Jarvis is teeming with hate, and if he can't get Cameron to ease his hate level, he will explode and die —literally.

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soulfire and tears book iii the disciples of goedric trilogy 3 Manual

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