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Children See Through Fake
  1. Children need imperfect parents | Shonnie Lavender Parent Coach
  2. Today I Learned: Perfect Patient, Imperfect Doc; My Fake MRSA; Crowdsourced Dx
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I want to do it all…on my terms. No matter how hard I try, I will never be able to fit into the perfect image of a litigator or a Yogi or a writer.

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Like so many others, my personality is a walking contradiction, and true Yin and Yang. I will stumble and fall just like I did in this picture , and I will get back up and do it all over again. I like your blog post beautiful and informative thank you so much for sharing your writeup. Anything that allows us to be more aware of ourselves is a form of yoga. It is the path which integrates the body, senses, mind and the intelligence with the self. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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Learn how your comment data is processed. Skip to content. Like this: Like Loading October 16, at am. We love authenticity and we know that life is messy and imperfect. While children love Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy, and imaginary friends, these creations are different than the disguises we try to wear as parents. While it can be uncomfortable for us, I believe that our children want and even need to see us as we really are.

Though our fears might surface at the mere suggestion of being authentic with our children, our children deserve to know us as we truly are. By not hiding behind an egoic image, you will be able to engage your child as a real person like yourself. Your email address will not be published. Sign me up for your mailing list. There's got to be something wrong with the seat in the car.

People were noticing. One of the nursing homes I went to at the time. They watched me stand up and walk around and they said, "Is there something wrong with your back? My back hurts, but I don't know why. Is there a different seat I can get for the car? I, needless to say, didn't find anything and my back continued to hurt.

I was actually getting pretty upset about this.

Children need imperfect parents | Shonnie Lavender Parent Coach

I started buying some over-the-counter remedies for back pain. I actually started taking Motrin, and like I said, I don't really get aches and pain and I really don't take medicine. That's really something I try to avoid. Even though I prescribe medicines all day, it's something I personally try to completely avoid.

Today I Learned: Perfect Patient, Imperfect Doc; My Fake MRSA; Crowdsourced Dx

Then all of a sudden, I had a light bulb moment. I realized I had gone camping, which I rarely do as well. I had gone camping out in Baltimore County in the woods probably a few days before this rash showed up, and I put two and two together. On my list was Lyme disease, which is a disease that has three different stages. It starts off with the rash, and then you progress to other symptoms. Some of those symptoms being myalgias or muscle aches, which is what I was experiencing.

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  7. Then in the third stage, which is the one people probably hear about, the disease has advanced and spread throughout the body, and it's caused all kinds of catastrophic symptoms. Sometimes you're on antibiotics for six weeks.

    It can be pretty serious. But fortunately, I went and I tested myself. It ended up being positive for Lyme disease. I took antibiotics for about three weeks, the recommendation at the time. I actually even called a Lyme specialist and confirmed it, and they felt I treat myself appropriately. I was very happy because my back pain went away completely. No residual effect. I was not very impressed with my self-diagnostic acumen. I was like, "This is really a very good learning point. I think we're all guilty of this -- and physicians shall not health thyselves, for sure -- but maybe because physicians cannot heal thyselves.

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    My non-medical husband makes fun of me all the time because when he or I get sick, as an ER doctor, I immediately run through the life-threatening diseases it could be. Like the time I woke up with chest pain and was convinced I had a pulmonary embolus because I'd recently gone on a long flight. It turns out no, I just did too many pushups the day before.

    I waited until he fell asleep, checked his vital signs, and when he was tachycardic and tachypneic, I woke him up to ask his urine output because I wanted to know if he had signs of end-organ dysfunction and severe sepsis. He told me to leave him alone, go to sleep, and true to form, the next morning he was fine. Sometimes we know just enough to be dangerous and sometimes we know so much we're really, really dangerous. Now, our last guest is someone most people know by just his first name and credentials. Kevin MD. Most of you know him from his blog and social media platform titled the same.

    It's not often that we get to hear stories from Dr. Kevin Pho himself. We are very excited that he shared a story on lessons learned on his specialty, the junction of medicine, and technology. Kevin Pho : One day I got a call from a fellow physician, and he was telling me one of his friends who had been having fevers every single night drenching the bedsheets. He went to his primary care doctor who put him through a battery of tests, all of which came back negative, except one test, an abdominal CAT scan which showed he had a large liver mass.

    He was admitted to the hospital for further workup. The hospital team was wondering whether this liver mass was associated with his persistent fevers. Was it an abscess? They stuck a needle into the liver, drew out some of the substance. It wasn't pus, therefore, it wasn't an abscess. Was it a hemangioma, which is a benign type of liver tumor? Typically, hemangiomas don't cause fevers, so the medical team was at a standstill.

    My colleague was telling me this story, and he said, "Kevin, this patient, he's live blogging his hospital stay. The patient would have a computer at bedside, and whenever a test result would come back or a consult would come in, he would blog about it hoping someone would read it and chime in on the case. The term, as you know, is crowdsourcing. He was trying to crowdsource his diagnosis. I put the story up on my site knowing a lot of physicians would read my site and go over to his.

    Just like that, he didn't get second, third, or fourth physician opinions, he would get hundreds of physician opinions. One of those doctors recognized his symptoms from an obscure case study in a South Korean medical journal.