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Direct contact: Kaarina Vieru KVieru blacksunplc. Founded 25 years ago, headquartered in London and with offices in Singapore, Black Sun is a leading international stakeholder communications business.

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We create communications programmes designed to inspire and connect business with their corporate stakeholders and, by winning stakeholders trust and support, help to improve business performance. We do this by discovering your stakeholder needs, creating compelling and content rich communications that we deliver through print and digital channels, and continually evaluating their performance.

Outpost Black Sun NEW Hindi Dubbed Movie- Full Action Movie

We challenge businesses to align what they do with what they say. However, Ketsu got "greedy", left her former classmate for dead, and joined Black Sun by herself. This mission brought her into conflict with Sabine but the two reconciled and joined forces to escape the Empire and to deliver the droid to the rebellion. Some rebels like Sabine despised Black Sun for engaging in slave trafficking. A Pantoran Black Sun member's mugshot.

Black Sun - Black Feathered Sun - Astronomy, Legend, Pseudoscience, the Occult - Crystalinks

At the time of the New Republic 's founding, Black Sun was one of several major crime syndicates operating in the Outer Rim. Underboss Rynscar and her henchmen ambushed Jas and Sugi while they were visiting Nar Shaddaa for information on Han Solo 's whereabouts. Jas managed to convince Rynscar not to turn her in by offering to repay them double the amount she owed. Rysncar also provided Jas with information about Han Solo's whereabouts.

Black Sun (symbol)

Shortly before the Battle of Jakku , the bounty hunter Mercurial Swift decided to collect Gyuti's bounty on Emari's head in retaliation for her role in ambushing him on the planet Taris. Their plot was foiled by a team led by Sinjir Rath Velus and Han Solo, who managed to rescue Nim Tar's child and convince the senators to change their votes in return for pardons and political favors.

Black Sun first appeared in the now- Star Wars Legends multimedia project Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire , released in as a novel, comic book, video game, and more. During the development of " Eminence ," the fourteenth episode of the fifth season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars , it was decided that Darth Maul would be given a base of power within the criminal underworld. With that, Filoni and his team opted to bring Black Sun into the show.

Johnston 's young adult novel Ahsoka. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Contents [ show ].

Black Sun Empire’s tracks

We are the Black Sun.